My story began as CurvyChicChick on Instagram in 2018 after I attended a plus size bash in Las Vegas, Nevada. In that year I quickly discovered that I was not meant to dive further into my self love journey in this particular atmosphere and I found other ways to engage with the community that formed, through meetups, workshops, and body positive pool parties. Over the last two years I've grown and evolved my brand, Curvy Confidence Events, found my voice and redefined my message, to encompass meetups and events, body positive advocacy and mental health discussions on all my social media. I relocated from Las Vegas, Nevada to Florida in Summer 2019 after a series of unfortunate events and recently settled into life in Gainesville, Florida. If you've been with me from the beginning you know I recently changed my blog to "AbyInRealLife" to reflect a more authentic version of this chapter of my life. While I work full time in IT Purchasing my passion is body positive advocacy, mental health wellness, and women empowerment. It’s my goal to encourage plus size women and men to step outside of their comfort zone and not allow their body type to define them, or hold them back from feeling confident and happy with who they are or doing the things they want to do. I am passionate about dance, travel, mental health, plus fashion, and women empowerment.