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Curvy Confidence Events: Summer Swim Soiree Recap

About Curvy Confidence Events:

Curvy Confidence initially began because growing up I didn’t have a lot of friends that looked like me, I often found myself being the fat friend of my group, and not having anyone to relate to about life experiences that are sometimes just different than what someone who a size 6 may experience at times. I had moved around a lot in my early 20's and found it hard to make friends as it is as a young adult, but even more so as a plus size women. Curvy Confidence events evolved when I realized that while these issues are 100% relevant and common for plus size women, that ALL women, and men, too, of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, and that everyone struggles with body image and lack of confidence at some point or another.

Curvy Confidence is about creating a safe place for others to feel they can be their selves, feel confident, and celebrated. It’s about inspiring your friend, your neighbor, your coworker, whomever to live life CONFIDENTLY!

We host events that are about creating a sense of community, uplifting one another, and living life out loud. We talk about mental health, women empowerment, self love, body image, and sometimes we just meet up for a brunch, or encourage each other to step out of our comfort zones by doing things you don't "normally" see plus size people doing- like wearing 2 pieces, or moving for joy, or kayaking.. In everything we do, we practice positivity & invite you to embrace that confidence - to step out of your comfort zone & come to your first event and maybe even make a new friend.

Full disclosure- It's been about two years since my last major event. COVID and relocating to Gainesville, Florida made it difficult to plan events, so we decided to start off small with a outdoor beach event to respect social distancing (events take months of planning). . Our flagship event prior was a body positive pool party in Las Vegas, with 125 guests at a private residence, so a swim event to kick off the summer, seemed like a logical next step for our comeback event- and offering an audience for lunch of only 25 people allowed us to have a more intimate gathering.

The Summer Swim Soiree was a body positive women empowerment event hosted at Micklers Landing just outside of Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday June 12th 2021. The morning started out strong with support from the Curvy Confidence Crew, we had a beautiful sun shining (HOT!) day to setup and a very, early morning! Let me just say- I am SO incredibly grateful to every one of the crew who showed up and especially to Denise, my best friend here, and owner of Luxe Picnics GNV because she really did a phenomenal job on the charcuterie lunch boxes for each of the ladies, hauling everything out to setup, and creating a beautiful space for everyone to relax and get away from the sun! Though we got rained out by 3pm and had to cut the event one hour short, everyone had a blast and the day was a beautiful, wonderful, success.

We selected a beach access that encompassed all of our needs, from accessible bathrooms, showers, and changing stations, to a ramp, and near location to the entrance for all bodies to be able to access our event easily. Guests began to arrive around 12:30pm for the 1pm event start. The event opened with a short welcome, and highlight of the days activities. While attendees were able to mingle and connect, Denise and I worked to hand out charcuterie boxes to those that paid for the picnic package, which included a special swag bag (valued at $150) with an array of self love items, and beach day essentials, provided by brands like Coola, Megababe, and local businesses, Piel Esthetics, Happy Willow Soap Co. Made By Blanca, and Unmatched Vibes. Guests had access to beach games, and activities to enjoy in between lunch, and group photos and had a giveaway for 2 $50 gift cards to Curvy Sense.

While guests enjoyed their luxury picnic boxes from Luxe Picnics GNV, the Curvy Confidence Crew and I stepped away to take a mini merch shoot for the new Curvy Confidence tank drop. Immediately after we took to the beach as a group, and ALL eyes were truly on us as we took over the beach and strutted our stuff for a body positive photo shoot.

The goal of the body positive shoot was for women of all sizes attending (25 in total) to feel empowered, celebrate their body, and self love and translate that to photos. Photos were taken by Jon V Productions. The idea is to make sure all bodies felt celebrated, beautiful and loved and judging from the smiles in the photos we accomplished that! Check out testimonials below from guests that celebrated the day with us.

"This was my second event with the curvy confidence crew and was in absolute awe of all the different kind of women of different sizes and personalities get together and just love life and the beach together” @JustineByTheSea

""My whole life I was always plus size. I have to say high school was when I struggled the most with self esteem issues. I always hung with the popular skinny girls to "fit in". The older I got, the self esteem issues were still there. It wasn't until last year I wore a bikini for the first time at home around just family. 2020 was the year I finally started to love me for me. I been through so many break ups and feeling like I wasn't enough and blaming myself and my body for them leaving me and cheating on me but that wasn't it. They couldn't handle this powerful curvy women. Now here today I love showing my curves. I am a mom with 3 boys and showing my mom body in bikinis. When I found out about Curvy Conference and Aby I was so excited to be in a community that understands what I went through and supporting and encouraging ever curve we all have. So all my curvy ladies, come join our family." @Hey.lysha

A huge thank you to the Curvy Confidence Crew, Denise, Crystal, Morgan, and Monica and our sponsors, and Luxe Picnics GNV for making this event possible! Thank you for believing in this movement! The size of your waist should not dictate what you are allowed to wear on the beach. Put the two piece on, wear the crop top, rock the shorts. Your body is not for anyone else to judge, your body is for you, and your comfort zone and your confidence. Hold your head high & ROCK IT!

Curvy Confidence will host a annual swim event each summer in North/Central Florida. You can join us for meetups monthly in Gainesville, Florida and surrounding areas by joining our Facebook group.

☀️Upcoming Meetups☀️

  • Saturday July 17th - Clothing Swap & Game Night (Gainesville, FL)

  • Sunday July 18th- Body Positive Water Workout with Built by Blanca (Gainesville, FL)

  • Saturday July 24th - Family Friendly Springs Day @ Gilchrist Blue (High Springs, FL)

  • Friday August 13thth - Axe Throwing at @thehatchetbury (Gainesville, FL)

  • Saturday September 25th- Rage Room (Orange Park, FL)

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