• Aby Deal

Mental Health Awareness Month

Many of you know I’ve been very vocal about struggling with my mental health in the last year. As I’ve been reflecting on the blessings coming my way in life now I am still no stranger to my experiences and dark moments the last year. This is a kind reminder to us all to talk more openly about mental health and help #breakthestigma so anyone whose currently struggling will be able to see they’re not alone.  Depression has many faces. Everyone’s struggle is different. That “ball of energy” you saw at the bar downing shots in Las Vegas, being social, and running to the dance floor felt this same feeling when the distraction was gone, and the veil dropped.  That same person promoting plus size parties & confidence, being there for everyone else, while her world fell apart, felt this same heartache.  When I say that Las Vegas was not good for my mental health, this is what I mean.  When the veil of social distraction fell, I was left looking in the mirror at my own heartache. When my life fell apart, I was left looking in the mirror at my own depression with very few people by my side.  I don’t know what life would be like if I stayed. I just know I needed change and while this next chapter hasn’t gone exactly how I wanted it to be, until now, I’ve come face to face with my demons more in the past few months then any other time in my adult life and that’s seems like maybe it was necessary.  Someone told me recently, We grow through struggle and I believe that. Every struggle I’ve felt is a lesson to grow and learn from. I am grateful that I’ve found ways to help me feel like “me” again and I know now after the last year, that the storm can’t last forever. My mental health does not define me.


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