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Chapter 28: Change is Coming

Hope you’re all are staying safe and sane in these chaotic times. Have you heard that phrase enough times yet in 2020? I get it, we're all going through something in some way or another.. The world is on fire, and us creatives are still plugging away trying to create a sense of normalcy in the chaos.. Here's an excerpt from my post on Instagram May 3rd announcing my social media name change. "  I’ve spent a lot of the last few months thinking heavily about my vision, and what my platform looks like in 2020. You’ve noticed I speak more freely and openly about my mental health, and the outreach and support from that has been phenomenal. I’m so happy to be able to speak freely and be vulnerable with all of you. I’ve decided that as part of this new phase of my life its time to make major changes to my personal blog/brand moving forward. I am excited to be relaunching my blog later this month, with a new name and look that better fits who I am now. So, What does this mean for “curvychicchick” ?

When I started this page I never anticipated this would be the platform it grew into. I chose a name that was quick and quirky, but not really a strong representation of who I am and what my experiences have evolved into.  I just don’t feel like it’s “who I am” anymore and I want to choose something more representative of what I hope to accomplish with this page. It’s important to me that my name matches the energy and level of self love I am embracing moving into this new chapter of my life.  So hang tight- New name is coming soon starting today with my Instagram & TikTok and website in the weeks to come.

My meetup & event platform will remain @curvyconfidenceevents. When the state of concern with the current pandemic declines, and social distancing is no longer necessary, I’ll be introducing more to the north & central Florida area, in the way of meetups, workshops, and eventually a body positive pool party.  Nothings changing there, just on pause until it’s safe to gather.

Thank you for following me on this incredible journey and supporting me along the way. My platform exists to inspire and encourage and you all allow me to do that by sharing my stories and experiences. I am so grateful for all the love and support I’ve received and hope to continue to give back to a community of people who have been so supportive of me as we move forward, together..."

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