• Aby Deal

Trust & Timing

If you had told me a year ago, that my life would be this beautiful right now, I wouldn’t have believed you. I had mostly given up on the idea of finding anyone who complimented me or could meet what I needed and wanted out of a relationship. I was more focused on rebuilding my life then finding an partner.

In December of last year, had just lost my job for the second time that year, after firmly believing I was headed in the right direction. I spent many nights, feeling defeated, and begging for a break- and some guidance to get me through this dark point in my life.

When Terrance and I began talking in February, I had just celebrated my 28th birthday. I was unemployed, living with my parents, driving back and forth to Jacksonville and Gainesville for interviews trying desperately to get my life together.

I let him know up front that I was in a major transitional phase in my life, and was not in a place to consider getting to know anyone seriously, but he was patient & persistent. I accepted a job offer in Gainesville, at the University a few weeks later and I relocated with the help of my family to start my new chapter. A week or so later, the pandemic hit.

While we were both frustrated that this meant no immediate plans to meet. Terrance quickly became my confidant, my peace, and a genuine friend to me, in moments of need and uncertainty. I was hesitant about the possibility of spending months of my life talking to someone, again, for it not to go anywhere. I recognize now that the pandemic, while devastating for so many, was an opportunity for growth and healing too.

The pause allowed me the chance to do some of things I needed to after my year in Las Vegas. An opportunity to regroup, build up some stability, and get into therapy for the struggles I was dealing with from my experiences.

I see now we were exactly what we needed from one another in those moments, and we are where we are meant to be now and going into the new year. Our story feels like a testament to “Trust the timing of your life”. So much has changed in such a short time, and I have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for everything I have this year, that I didn’t have last year, and the path that led me to this man.

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