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What does it mean to see Plus Size Women as Confident Role Models in Mainstream Media?

When I look back on my younger self, I think about how different my self esteem might have been had I have the knowledge and confidence that I do now, or had I seen more bodies like @lizzobeeating, @glitterandlazers, or @aidybryant on TV growing up.

Would I have fought back? Would it have mattered? Would it have taken me the majority of my 20’s, to learn to love myself & value myself enough to allow myself to live without fear of ridicule? So this ones for 8th grade Aby. When the high schoolers would call to me from the back of the bus, and oink at me. “Hey miss piggy!” & toss crumpled up paper at my head, or the kids next to me; the other kids who had been “casted out” because they weren’t cool enough. Even the “weird kids” put you in a different category if you were fat, there was no sense of “togetherness “ like in those outcast movies where they show all the wallflowers banding together. “We’re talking to YOU fat ass” I’d hear them call out, & I’d keep staring forward and fight back tears. Because if you showed emotion,

they smell it like blood, with a shark, they’d zero in. “Don’t cry, don’t cry. “ I thought to myself as I’d turn the volume up on my MP3 player up as loud as it would go, and lean my head against the window, and use music to push away the pain. I let these words shape my image as I moved into high school, so when the first boy I met that I liked who took an interest in me showed me he was interested in me, I had a hard time

believing that I was deserving of that kind of attention. So when someone tells me that “we are out here promoting obesity” by showing the younger generation that because you don’t look like or fit into society’s description of what you should be doesn’t mean you aren’t as worthy of love, I can’t get onboard with it. We HAVE to continue to challenge societal norms of beauty, because that younger kid whose struggling with their self worth and body image is going to see someone who doesn’t fit that mold doing BIG things, and think I can do that too and maybe they wouldn’t feel so alone. ☀️ #bopo#selflove#confidence#effyourbeautystandards#curvyconfidence

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