Curvy Confidence is a community of men and women built around body positivity. It's taking control of your life and your presence, and showing people that you're allowed to love your body, and embrace it at any point in your body love journey you're in. You don't need permission to be confident in who you are, or for existing! We support and foster a sense of love and confidence for all body types, genders, ethnicity etc. Curvy Confidence is me, it's you, it's the girl in the whose never worn a bikini or a two piece swimsuit without fear of shame, that aspires to be comfortable and confident in the skin their in. Its the guy at the pool who is afraid to go in the pool without a t shirt or tank top on. It's a movement that's about celebrating confidence, and reminding people that you are beautiful the way you are, and that you are allowed to take up space.

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